Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy, busy Friday

I got a lot accomplished today. I did head into work for a few hours, leaving D & DL by themselves at home while P was at Billy's overnight. I was able to complete a nasty SQL report that was stretching my noob SQL brain to the limit, fix a couple of issues and talk to Dev about a new one. Waiting for me at work were 2 magazines, JCS Sept/Oct 2007 with Tanglewood and JCS 2208 Ornie preview issues! (insert girlish squeal here).

Then after I got home, made sure everyone was still in one piece (:D) I ran errands, which of course included a fly by of Acorns & Threads to order fabric and the thread pack for Tanglewood. While there I got another order from M Designs was in! W00t!

Friday turned out to be a good stash day

I havent been too keen on doing any stitching since D's surgery, too tired to do much of anything. BUT I did get more of the house on Needleworker completed this evening. The framing of the windows and door is complete, just finishing up on the siding before the door and glass are added.

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Ooo, great stash! You will have fun with all of that.

    Lovely progress on Needleworker!

  2. We all love a little stash!!
    The little house is lovely!!