Sunday, June 29, 2008

Updates, a bit late

I had a productive week and weekend as far as projects go. Worked on Happy Home, A Friend AND Needleworker! (booya!)
Most of this week was spent on A Friend as Im trying to get it completed (for an Aug b-day gift) and to clear a spot in my line up for P's stocking (all kitted up and no place to go :( ).
And to top it all off I managed (with lots of help from P) to move my Great-Grandmother's wash stand into the house and place all my stitchy supplies on/in/around it. I had the perfect spot, just needed the man power to get it there :)

With the furniture move, DL received the mother-load of self-reader series such as Captain Underpants, Dragonslayer's Academy, Magic Tree House and Secrets of Droon (to name but a few). They have become too easy for P to read and DL has been wanting to get one or several whenever we hit the book stores (which seems to be weekly this summer). They had to be unloaded from the wash stand (and matching dresser that hasnt made it in the house yet) so it could be moved.
Another shout-out to Aunty R! Happy Anniversary!! I had to promise not to say ANYTHING here about the surprise party the kids put on for you but I do have to say, DUH! not like they havent done that before :P Hope you had a great time and I sorry I missed it.
Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Lovely new home for your stash!

    Great stitching on your WIP's. I just love the bright colors in Friend!