Monday, June 30, 2008

The stitches are OUT!

well, for D they are and boy is he relieved! He has clearance to start light duty at work next Monday with full duties couple weeks after that. At the moment he is loving life as his new XPS laptop arrived early (and he has almost a whole week to play before heading back to work) So we are in full mode of getting files transferred so everyone can "shift/upgrade" computers. DL cannot wait as he will finally have his OWN computer :).

For dinner, D cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu and I steamed some fresh green beans. YUMMMM!! DL inhaled his food, almost as quickly as Mac & Cheese. P was indifferent (we made him turn off the games). I was in heaven. Its just too bad this dish will be a once in a while due to the fat content... D says he will do Chicken Kiev later this week and he has plans to cook a triple layer brownie cake (MMMM) and a poppy seed bunt for P's b-day this weekend. Lord help me (lol)

Not much stitching completed tonight. I did work a bit on Needleworker this morning at the Dr's but then had to hop on and work when we got home. I have been extremely lax in working any of the ornie sals I am on. Im trying to find my Christmas spirit but its hard when its in the 80's & 90's outside and Freezing in the house.

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