Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stitchy updates

While I dont have snaps to show of actual updates A Friends house did manage to leap out of the stitchy bag and into my hands yesterday during lunch, on the Max ride home and again before bed time. Quite ambitious! Now that I think about it, I should get it and the camera out for a quick shot...

Today Im staying true to the Happy Home SAL and brought it out during lunch. Ive made a decision it is not a Max happy project as I have to rely too much on the distructions and dont really have the room to do so. I do plan on working a bit more on it tonight before bed.

D had Chicken Parmesan on the menu tonight. Country fresh asparagus was also on the menu but the microwave steamer KILLED it! :( (have to get more at the farmers market this weekend) We have a perfect steamer for the microwave, did fresh green beans perfectly. At the moment we are so blaming the microwave steamer distructions. Yesterday he had Beef Burgundy with egg noodles waiting when I got home.

Now, cause I was good and brought nuts and oranges home, he is making cookies. Cream Cheese Macadamia nut cookies and the smell EVIL! I am so wanting at least 6 (or even a full dozen) and the first batch isnt even out of the oven yet (*sniff)

If I could only win big at lottery to keep him as a house husband ... I could so get used to this!

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  1. Dinner? Microwave popcorn and a couple of almond M&Ms. LOL. We will both get back to cooking later in the summer. Right now we are lucky if we get anything to eat in a day. Mostly we are just stuck in front of the computers and on the telephone.