Friday, June 13, 2008

Update and a well received gift

On my day off, I decided to work on Needleworker and see how much I could accomplish without frogs.
The frogs did come out to play and I had to restitch 1/2 of the roof again but I made headway (or so Im going to bed thinking that!) by adding the framing to 1 window and part of the siding. We shall see what happens the next time I get this out. Seems the frogs have taken an unusual extreme interest in this specific piece - I havent found out why yet but I would like to...

Tomorrow, when I can, I want to work on Friends House. But I will just have to see what jumps into my hands. I wont be able to join in on open stitch at Acorns & Threads, just too much to do and get done tomorrow and as creative as I can be, I just cannot find the extra hrs to fit in my day. There is Tuesday with Holiday Nutt club!

The gift of Special Teacher was very well received and Mrs. Wright is planning on placing it in her class for next year :)

I leave you with sunny spots and my furry baby. It was entertaining watching him move with the spot until there was nothing left but a smidge by the wall and him crammed up as close as he could (lol). He was not amused with me taking pictures.


  1. Homer looks very content sunbathing!


  2. No more frogging!!
    I love sunny spots too,lol
    cute photo's