Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends update

I was able to devote a ton of time working on Friends House yesterday. Lots of color changes but the bright colors still make all of that fun. So I have one house and almost one hill completed :)

Today has me hopefully putting some needed time into Noah & Crew. Due to a bad frog infestation I had to put that a way (and I see the followed me to Needleworker!!) and work on something else.

P's party went well. Only one child showed (or even rsvp'd) but thats fine. The two spent the ENTIRE time playing Lego Indiana Jones. Somehow I dont think the day would have gone by as well if we had 4 kids fighting over the controllers. We are now planing on having either a Star Wars or Harry Potter movie fest as we have all of them. So some Sat, my living room will not be mine for a min of 8 - 12 hrs :) I just need to provide Pizza and Popcorn (woot!)

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  1. Those *are* fun, bright colors! Can't wait to see how this develops!