Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Home SAL day

I have to say, Im doing a fantastic job on Happy Home. Every time I get it out, not just to work on, it makes me - well - happy :) Im not sure if its because this is one of the first projects in a long time that Im creating for ME, not a gift for anyone else, something that will be hung proudly in my home.

I was able to finish the leaves, pink row and get the W complete today. I may work on this tomorrow, not sure yet.

I have tomorrow off (YEA!!!) as its the last day of school. My usual thing is picking up the kids after school and going out for ice cream and just gab. P and I finished the gift for Mrs Wright.

I wanted to keep the glass with the frame, help keep the fabric clean, but the frame wouldnt let me. He wrote a really nice letter to go with the gift.

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  1. Turned out terrific - hope the teacher likes it :)