Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Needleworker house ready for moving day

The house is complete! Glass was finally installed while watching Deadliest Catch (now that can be hard to do!) and the house is now ready for the owners to move in and make themselves comfy.
I was able to run over to Acorns & threads today and talk with Jeannine on thread placement for P's stocking. Heather had a great suggestion that I find the middle of the pattern and the middle of the fabric and go to town. Sad to say that I had been a "start in the middle" kind-of gal until about 4-5 projects ago when I finally learned the trick of starting on the left upper corner and my brain just couldnt think about starting in the middle!!! So after talking with Jeannine, we found both the middle of the pattern and where to start at the top. Both types of instructions are written down (so as I cant forget!) for when I actually start the darn thing.

While I was at the LNS I picked up fabric for an Aunt's Christmas present, final thread for the STOCKING (shiny treasure thread, oooohhhh) and more project holders (can NEVER have enough of those!!!)
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Project holders ... ? WTH? There's actually something at Acorns that I haven't bought??!! I'm shocked. ;o) Gonna hafta check those out next time I'm there.

  2. They are the plastic baggie type things Jeannine keeps by the register, close to the floor. Perfect for keeping cat hair out (mostly) and stuff together. Several different sizes