Thursday, June 12, 2008

Im I crazy?

For having a quick setup for a birthday party for P while his friends are still in town? Invitations were handed out yesterday ( I was promised) for a party this Sat. Really short notice and I hope the other moms arent thinking daggers my way.

I didnt want to try and have a friend party close to his actual B-day as 1) its 7/6 which always sucks trying to find friends in town, 2) this 4th is on a Friday so the chances friends will actually be in town are close to nil, 3) D's surgery is next Tues and I dont think he will be up to any type of party (no matter what he says). Been there and done that with DL's party. I was more worried about D than making sure guests and DL were having a good time.

P wants a really simple party. 4-5 friends, video games, pizza, cake, ice cream and pop. I can so do that!

Now just to get the friends to rsvp...

1 comment:

  1. No, not crazy at all; parties are fun and I'm sure the moms will forgive you for the short notice.

    I hope you are back to stitching without all those frogs now!