Thursday, June 12, 2008

One step forward...

and a HUGE block back :( As I was stitching on the roof of Needleworker yesterday I found I was off a row(column?) to the left. As I was at work I calmly put everything away (after a big heavy sigh) and carried on with my work. Caused an early end to lunch time but I couldnt bring myself to start frogging then.

Next scene, Im sitting down getting ready to start frogging and think, why pull the whole thing when Im just off a row(column?) on the left? just pull that and everything is gold! WRONG!! Upon closer inspection I found I wasnt off a whole x, but HALF!! Made me want to cry. So off I went, frogging... (*snif)

Good news is that I was able to finish frogging and CORRECTLY fixed what I frogged out so Im technically back where I started at the beginning of lunch yesterday. So NO pictures as really nothing got done.

Today Im going to try and work on Happy Home as it is Thursday and SAL day. Get my dancing clothes on and do the anti-frog dance before I start.

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