Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here, here for mowing the lawn

Im in pain today. Why? I mowed the lawn yesterday. Seems really sad that the relatively small patch I mowed caused me this much grief, guess Im that much out of shape and need to get back on the treadmill and start lifting weights (small handbells, not the huge barbells of course!). More sad is that we dont even have the full yard to mow yet as the back half is still covered with hay and pretty much a mud/dirt patch along with a mountain of yard debris from the remodel (which Ive been told will be removed soon by the contractor...)

Our backyard neighbor has spent the last couple of weeks removing huge, tall, dying tree-like things from the back of his yard. I bit disconcerting when hearing the sound of the BOOM! when a piece falls to the ground and shakes EVERYTHING in the house. We have a lot more afternoon sun hitting our house now, not sure if Im liking that or not. They did have to go, rather the way they went now or they could/would have hit a house in the next major windstorm - that would not be fun. Im also sure the afternoon sun will cause more actual grass to grow in the backyard (along with the weeds). Before it was mostly weeds, moss and some grass (where the sun hit).
Off to find the asprin :oP

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