Friday, May 30, 2008

Good stitching time

Had a good time stitching tonight. Had (got?) to leave work early for the repairman to work on my microwave (5th time now) and while I was waiting I updated books on the ipod and stitched on Noah & crew. Then after dinner was able to complete more patches on the ark. I had to stop when I found I added a whole extra column to a patch and had to frog the entire thing out. Figured it was a sign (lol)

I found more items to add to my wish list.

*Ink Circles Tanglewood, just have to purchase the Sept/Oct Just Cross Stitch mag;
*Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden - wish list of could I actually get this done?

And at least one more to add to my want to do list, Book of Ink Circles 2008. Just downloaded the released items this morning, have them printed and waiting for fabric and thread.

Tomorrow has me rushing to my lns to possibly pick up fabric for P's stocking, it finally came in.

night all and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Did you make it yet to the LNS? Come on, fess up and show us your stash!