Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stash alert!

Yup, I did it. Bought more stash. Im really trying to be good, especially in this economy, and use what I already have (which is quite a lot), stitch what I have kitted or could kit. BUT then my lns called this week to let me know the fabric I ordered for P's stocking was in. GASP! Another project to start! w00t!!

So I tossed the kids in the car and we made our rounds yesterday. Library,to get more books on CD, and timing/fate would have it that Laurell Hamilton's new book, Blood Noir, was in! Waiting just for me! Same thing happened for me last time I visited and found Jim Butcher's Small Favors in. Two of my favorite authors (gone to hardbound books now :( ) and I couldnt bring myself to spend the $50 to purchase both books. Thank god for the library! Then we hit the local farmers market for lunch and Kettle corn (cant visit without getting the kettle corn!) and see that its still mostly flowers being sold. I was hoping the organic beef stall would be there and the cookie stall (mmm, cookies) but no luck this week. Next was the lns. Summer Sat stitch group was in play and there was a... 50% off sale! Darn it! Im trying to be good but 50% of cross stitch stuff? That just cant be left alone. So after parking the kids in an out of the way place (but also where I could keep eyes and ears on them) I checked out the sale goods and found a couple that had to come home with me (see, Im being good. only 2). The fabric isnt even close to what I thought it would be - which was a grey and a touch of blue. Thankfully I had P with me to put his stamp of approval. I ran and got the colors being used for the dragon (greens instead of orange) placed them on the fabric to see how they would pop and he approved it.

Finally off to Joann's to see what they had as fabric in stock. While I didnt find the length of 28 ct monaco I need for Book of Ink Circle 2008 (thanks to the wonderful stitch group did I find out about that) I did find the thread I chose for my version as well as another small bobbin container and HAD to get 2 bandannas for the boys (lol).

Thats it for my stash this week :)


  1. Ooo, nice stash! I love the Twisted Threads chart you chose! Great fab too for the Stocking...the greens should look really super on the grey-blue!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me ;) Congrats on all the great is sooo hard to behave in a LNS isn't it?!