Friday, May 23, 2008

Kitting night

I spent most of my night winding thread onto bobbins for a project Im kitting together that will be a gift for my aunt. I did get the July issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework for the Happy Home Sampler SAL, thought I had the fabric on hand I wanted to use, found I didnt and talked myself into going to Michaels tomorrow to get the thread (can never have enough DMC thread) and 16 ct aida. I have 22 and 18 but think that it might end up too small for what the project needs.

Also took the time this afternoon to gather more ideas for mom at christmas. Gathered quite a few but have to keep it mum as she lurks around the blog.

The water damaged floor is finally fixed! I dont have a huge wavy bubbled mess in the middle of my vinyl :) It wasnt fixed the right way - just the easiest, will cost us huge when we are ready to change the floor again (hopefully that wont be for at least 10 years) but its DONE!

I wanted to get working on something tonight but ending up too tired. This week was looong. So with a house to clean, room to get back to order (thanks to fixing the floor), stitch group and birthday party tomorrow - Im hitting the pillow.

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