Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Home

I started (twice) on Happy Home Sampler. First start just wasnt in enough, so I frogged it all out, moved in/down another 1/2 inch and started all over. I started late and I wanted to get as far as I had been BF (before frogs) or further before I called it a day. Im using 28 ct Jobelan, ant. white and DMC. I do have to say that Jobelan is starting to become my favorite fabric to work with. Easy to move, stitch and its so soft! Even with the frogs, this is a fun project to work on.

The birthday party for D and his sister went well. The kids were acting as if I placed them on sugar/caffeine IVs and bouncing (literally) around everywhere. Just that excited to see their aunt and grandparents. I cleaned the house and told D that meant HE got to cook. Works for me :).

To top off the night we had a terrific thunder/lightning storm and a front row seat. D was seeing the lightning but we couldnt hear the thunder. Then BOOOM! DL was so scared he was shaking. We opened up the big window in the great room and watched the show while explaining to DL what was happening.

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