Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work taking over

Seems the server room at work is demanding some well deserved attention. What does this mean for me? Longer working hours and less time stitching. Monday had us losing power sometime around 8pm, then again yesterday during working hours. Yesterday was slightly better than Monday because we didnt loose any data (sad to lose data cause then I cant find it!). Now tonight has most of us in command of servers staying up so power losses can be corrected. While I dont have direct command of servers, I do have a databases that need to be checked once the servers are up. SO its another late night. Maybe I can keep the eyes open to work on something.

Im trying to join up with the crew (sal) working on Happy Home Sampler. I thought I could swing by Rich's and find the magazine (and I did!) but when I got to work saw it was the wrong issue. Looked at the issue I got (supposed to be taken off shelf by 5/20, hmmm), stopped by on my way home (somehow found myself picking up June 2008 Cross Country Stitching...) and found July's ed. may be in tomorrow. SO I will be off (maybe during lunch) tomorrow to get my copy and hopefully get started. Im pretty sure I have the fabric and definitely the floss.

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