Tuesday, April 15, 2008

House before and after

I have been requested to post some before and after pics of our house. I don't have many that really match up as almost all the rooms were transformed into one big great room.

The picture below is a view from our front door into the old living room. To the right is the door to the kids old room and the one bath room. The door way on the left is to the dining room, which we were using for a computer area, master bed room (which cant be seen from this pic) kitchen and utility room.

Now when walking into the front door its all one big space with a (1 of 3!) bathrooms off to the right with an open closet (no door, just a bar and shelf)

The old kitchen (and back wall to the house) is now a wall to DL's room. The door to the far back is now a hallway to the bedrooms (3 total) and office (and the other 2 bathrooms!). The utility area is where it used to be, just doored in. Double door to the washer & dryer with another door to access the furnace and hot water.
It is surreal to look at the great room and think that we eat at where the kids room used to be, walk in the side door at where the kitchen used to be and cook where I used to sleep!
The final picture is what the master bedroom turned into... my wonderful HUGE kitchen. Big enough and plenty of counter space for 3 adults to be mixing stuff up without getting in each others way.

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