Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holiday Nutt Club

Well I finally made it to a night of the Holiday Nutt club at my lns. Nice to see a smaller group of ladies there than the gaggle usually present at open stitch nite, not that I hate that. I just figured for my first night back and on the mend that the smaller group worked out great for me. I was able to get started on Tribal Sun, and I am using the DMC variation 4200 thread and chose (finally) white 18ct aida for this first try. I still think it would look fabulous using DMC 4200 and black fabric. My eyes and head just arent up to working with black.

I did come back with a couple more pieces of fabric for my stash and more needles (I keep breaking those!) but I didnt get any else. not much christmas stuff out yet and I really have plenty projects started and kitted up (omg I actually said I have enough!!)

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