Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Looking for the stitch-zone

Well I've been perusing my favorite cross stitching blogs trying to find where the heck my stitching-zone went to. I did work a small bit on Noah & Crew by Mosey 'N Me last week. The main color of the giraffe is almost done. Sad to say it may have been 30 x's or so (a pathetic attempt if you ask me).

I haven't really had a good spot of just stitching in a while. I blame WoW (world of warcraft) :) I caught the mmorpg bug again and play with D during most of our spare time, although the last couple of days have been a bust due to the time change really screwing with my internal clock (save that for another post-rant).

Adding to my lack of stitching is the increase for the need to learn more sql scripting for work. Too many people needing reports and I need to learn more of that side of the job so I can move up. The vicious cycle begins. The library was nice enough to call and let me know yet another sql book I had requested was in. More learning in store for tomorrow.

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