Friday, April 11, 2008

Dry spell

Coming back from a really long dry spell. Lots and lots have happened in the month since we last chatted. Spring break, a bit more work completed on the house (I know! Shocker), D had a pilonidal cyst (cyst on his tailbone, nope not fun in so many ways - google that one trust me YUCK) big enough to have to have 2 surgeries on it. The first to clear out infection and another to remove that will happen sometime in the future this year. DL turned 7! (O M G!!!) We had a great party for him and some friends at the bowling alley for COSMIC BOWLING! He got a free BLUE bowling pin (his main reason for going bowling, lol). We topped that day off by also having a family party at our house. THEN just so the gods wouldn't feel that I was left out, they gifted me with a whopper of a strep infection. Today is the first day I have felt even close to human since last Sunday. I still have a cough that sounds like I'm killing seals and contagious as hell, I'm not thanks to the lovely pink horse pills of antibiotics.

Time for some Mom bragging: report card time came and P had one insane quarter! Everything, well except for penmanship, was improved. And on some there was no room to improve cause he was already at ceiling level. I'm so proud of him. DL also had a banner quarter, much better than last.

I'm looking forward to Monday, going back to work for the first time in 3 weeks. D tried to make a funny and ask if I was ever going to work this month. Sad cause I am trying to get into a SQL class sometime soon that will...make me miss at least a couple of work days.

I even attempted to work on something cross stitch. Sad really cause it killed my brain to even focus on anything, and here I am trying to focus on small holes in fabric or even smaller needle and thread. I was able to troll through some cross stitching blogs and found a beautiful butter fly finished by Sam at The chart is by Sparklies and while trolling that site I found a tribal sun freebie that I am wanting to do. I think it would look great using one of the new DMC variations, specifically 4200, on black or dark fabric. But with the way my head has been, that would have been disastrous even if I were able to get a couple stitches completed!

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  1. Hope everything settle soon with your health (do you want my cold? NOOOOOO ? selfish girl !!! lol )