Sunday, February 24, 2008

the first seven

YEA ME! I made it through the first seven days of continuous walking. And to make things even a tad better, I found out (with a lot of D's help) how to hookup my ipod video to the treadmill screen so I can watch movies. MY entertainment comes first ya know :o). I also kicked it up a notch today, up to level 4 on the fat burn program. Makes me walk in intervals, max of 3.5 speed and 5% incline. Pretty near kicked my ass but I made it through without bringing down the speed or incline. My calves are burning (lol)

Now if I can only get my bod out of bed at 5:30 am this week...


  1. I find that I don't even notice the time I spend on the treadmill if I have something to entertain me while I'm walking. Makes the time I spend there much less painful! I also find that using the iPod with the earphones blocks out the sound of the treadmill, which also helps me stay on longer.

  2. Not to mention the earphone's ability to block out the other people in the house (LOL)