Wednesday, February 20, 2008

beginning that resolution

D and I have started walking. Minimum of 30 min a day with a goal of 5 miles a day. And while I may mark it as a resolution, it’s more of a getting off our asses and down to business. My goal at the moment is to make it to the 21 days in a row mark. Theory states that if you do a task 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. I would love for exercising to become a habit and walking isn’t that strenuous. It’s finding the time, every day, to get that walking in. During the summer, I walk downtown during lunch with a friend. We are able to get about 4 miles in a 30 - 45 min period. Problem with Portland Metro and Oregon is the rain, and we are getting more than our fair share this year.

Right now we are both walking after work. Now while I don’t mind this, it does seem to eat up a good part of my evening when they already seem to go by so fast. So to battle this, I will be trying to get up 30 min earlier in the morning (ya, enter your giggles here, I know I am!). That would be getting up at 5:30 am. gads. Right now I’m telling myself to get through this week with walking in the evenings and see if I can battle the waking and walking at 5:30 am next week... I'll have to let you know how it goes ;o)


  1. Why don't you buy a exercise machine to exercise at home? ( it's a great way to avoid the rain ! lol )

  2. We have a kick ass tredmill that has its own tv as well as a slew of programs to choose from. We had a stationary bike but it was too easy to take it slow so I could read while peddling. Now I can watch CSI or anything else on satelite.