Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tea anyone?

Well, used tea that is. I tea dyed my first fabric yesterday. I used Tazo tea (forgive me Tazo for abusing your fine tea in this manner!) Passion and after a couple hours of soaking I was gifted with a wonderful pink that will be perfect for the ornaments Ive chosen for February SALs. And since my first try went so well, I thought I would try again with Green tea, yes I was hoping the fabric would turn GREEN. Not my luck. My original white fabric turned to a very light yellow. Im better off with the Passion :o)

Other news on the home front - Homer is coming home tomorrow. He has an appt with the groomers tomorrow and I get to bring him home! Im sure Mom will miss him following her around and Dad will miss sharing magazines but I will be happy to have my talk buddy back. Ive missed the discussions we've had while Im making dinner and the odd discussions late at night when he just has to talk. Im waiting to see how he takes being in another new house as the one he left is really not here anymore.

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