Monday, February 4, 2008


It has been a non-productive weekend. P had a friend over, those two stayed up til 3am! No complaints they were tired though (lol). Didnt want me telling him to go take a nap.

I did start on an ornament for Bride's Tree Sal. It is Winter Wreath by Ursula Michael. Its a freebie I found on I figure it may take most of the month to finish, if I even get around to finishing it. There are a lot of color changes just for an ornament but I know the end result will be pretty. Below is an example of the finished project.

This design could almost be used for a wedding as well as Christmas.

Tonight was noisy. The speaker stands came in a day early and D spent a good part of the evening setting up his area in the great room. The neighborhood was gifted his version of how Star Wars Part I should be listened to as we now test speakers using the pod race scene. I have to admit, it sounded great from the back of the house (lol). Soon as the they are dialed in, the wires will be moved to underneath the house - at the moment they are all over the room.


  1. I love the wreath !! DO you still have friends in the neighborhood? lol

  2. So far we do. Im waiting for the knock at the door though ;o)