Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Challenge Finished

Final post for the April workout challenge.  This week I set goal:  Try and get as close to 28 miles as possible with having 2 days less than a full challenge week.

As of today, Ive walked 26.4 miles for exercise!

Im thanking the beautiful weather this strange spring has brought.  The wonderful sun pulls me in to getting out and moving so I try and get out for a minimum of a mile for lunch.  2 miles if I can squeeze it between meetings and have 30-40 min to spare.  Add to the pacing while waiting for trains and the three miles every morning and it all adds up.

Today’s 2 mile walk took me to the waterfront and the toddlers were out in force, playing in the sun and in the fountains and other fellow office dwellers were getting out running, walking and biking.  I love taking in these sights.

Total miles for April was 106.2

The May challenge is minutes exercised.  I will be using my Fitbit active min for that, a bit less tracking noise that way.  And I need new shoes Smile

I have another success for April, I finished a thing!

Washington Park Shawl


And then I started another thing!

Nurmilintu shawl


Its wee in the pic but its growing fast. 

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