Monday, March 3, 2014


Sort of in the spirit of March being the craft month, Ive started a new craft.  Or more so I found my third arm and started knitting.

Ive tried knitting before but with my background in cross stitch my tension was way too tight and I just couldn’t figure out the best way to hold the needles and figure out the holding of the yarn and keep the tension happy.  Hence the need for that third arm to make everything work as it should

My third arm just happens to be circular needles. 

A friend and I joined in on the Rose City Yarn Crawl this year and made it to 4 of the 18 shops that were part of the fun.  Friday was a perfect day to walk around downtown Portland and check out the shops.

Ive been wanting to knit my own socks but felt that a loom wouldn’t get me the ease of crafting I wanted and I know the crochet wont craft the socks I want so hear I am.

On the yarn crawl I picked up a beautiful skein of yarn that will be made into a scarf – someday soon Im hoping.  Until then Im practicing to get up to the whole k1, p1 business.  Other needed items were the needles.  The scarf suggested circular needles and that’s what I picked up.

I spent most of the weekend practicing cast on, knit, and purl.  Even did a bit of the pattern the scarf uses

My first knitting project – a simple knitted washcloth


I have a few rolls of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and I will be spending some time practicing stitches and making lots of washcloths.

Sharing that Ive caught the knit bug with another friend at work, she muhaha’d me and welcomed me to the madness.

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