Sunday, February 23, 2014

Checking In

Hidey Ho peeps!

Ive been lazy.  Thoughts of creating posts, then by the end of the night I just don’t want to, so I havent.

Tonight Im a bit jumpy thanks to being on the wrong side of ick and taking some real sudafed to help keep my head unclogged.  Sudafed has side-affect for me that makes my heart race and nerves jumpy.  All that keeps me really awake for a good hr then I get to fight the crash.

So as Im on the jumpy side of that noise I have energy to burn so to speak and I have some new finishes to show and other updates to share along with sharing my WIPocalypse and IHSW posts.




The yarn from this is from a scoody (scarf-hood) I made a couple years ago that I just havent worn so I thought to rip that out and create something that I would/might wear or gift to someone who will

I have a scarf that will go with the hat that I will show when its completed.  It has front & back post stitches along with shells and looks pretty and I think complements the hat well.


Wisdom is complete!


Im taking a break before starting the next sheep.  All sheep-ed out at the moment.

LHN Neighborhood

I have been working on LHN Neighborhood – total blast from the past.  Looking back though updates, last time I may have touched this is in 2010 so its in dire need of some needle time.Neighborhood 7-23-10 2010

I do have a bit more done than the above pic and have decided to frog the lady currently stitched and just leave them out.  The people have always bothered me and Im just choosing not to stitch them.  Not sure if they will be replaced with other items or just leave the voids.

Ive also have Ladies’ Night by Cricket Collection mostly fully kitted.


I have a 28ct fabric (CS Gothic) that I picked out years ago – for this project, that I have been thinking about going to a 32ct but as of today Im sticking with what Ive got.  1) finding another fabric to go with the ladies is hard. 2) Ive already got it – paid for it, and its in my stash now.  That said, when I finally get around to stitching this, my mind may have been changed again but that’s for then.  Thread is as charted but I may not use Kreinik for the braid, still thinking that over.

Well, that’s all Ive got for now.  Im off to get a few other things completed while the energy is buzzing.

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