Sunday, February 2, 2014


Asthma, mold, mildew and harsh cleaning chemicals have had me searching for a better for me cleaner.  The shower areas are always such a pain to keep clean and using any chemicals is harsh as I always seem to smell it everywhere, even after the shower is cleaned, like its stuck in my nose, hair, on my skin and I cant wash it off.

My latest trial is using Tea Tree oil.  Its very astringent and if not mixed with the right amount of water, can be over-powering.  But so far its strong smelling but not as harsh as a chemical.

I have the essential oil mixed with water and Dr Bronner’s soap with Tea Tree oil.  The first run through went well, nice not to deal with chemical smells.


Things are moving a bit slowly.  Still cold outside for much activity in our garden.  The greenhouse was picked up and D got the frame together this weekend.  I have a game plan for getting plants started and it looks like next weekend will be a good time to get some of those started.

I checked the strawberries from last year and I see new growth already started!


This year Im planning on getting the runners planted, then replanted so I can have loads of home grown strawberries to nom on.


Thanks to the Super Bowl, my LNS was open and having a % off drawing.  I ordered Ink Circles Turrets and Town, picked that up along with the floss and fabric.


My thoughts for this chart when I first saw it was making the colors gradient, inside to out.  The fabric is R&R Mink.  I have two color choices and talking with P, I will be doing the group on the left starting with the lighter color in the middle and moving out to dark and the group on the right, dark in the middle and going out to light.

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