Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keeping things moving

I thought I could get things moving still.  Even this close to Christmas.  Just a few additional items to get and presents will be done.  Then its just baking left.

Im glad that for one side of the family, the adult kids have agreed just to share baked goods.  No running to the stores and trying to guess what each is really into.  Just get some cookies or other treats made and share.

With us going Vegan this year I had wondered what I was going to bring but luck would have it – A perfect find of a Vegan Cowboy cookie recipe!  I cant wait to give this one a go.  I also found a mini tart cookie recipe that Im going to try as well as a triple ginger snap cookie.  I will share how these go.  Taste tests will have to be suffered through Smile


Ive been busy making scarves.  Its that time of year and its been cold and these are fitting the need to help keep necks warm.


These are all C2C, 8 across.  From the right, P’s scarf made with 1 skein Caron Simply Soft.  Next is made from Lion’s Jiffy and very thick (took 3 skeins).  Next is 1.5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco.  The final is 10 across made from reclaimed yarn that I will be ripping out and doing again as 8 across.  10 is just too wide.

The Caron and Lion yarn make a wonderfully warm scarf.  I love the Jiffy one for going to and from work in the blistery cold weather we had a week ago.  The Caron is perfect for all day wear, which P and I do as we are generally always cold.

Cross stitch

I don’t have any updates to share as we’ve had a cold snap and I had yarn hanging around screaming to have something warm made with it.  


Tonight’s new food is Corn Chowder Quinoa casserole

Corn Chowder Quinoa Casserole #vegan #glutenfree

Pic from 86lemons

I found this on the wonderful site of 86lemons.  She has several recipes I am planning on trying out.

This dish was wonderful!  I highly recommend including the lime juice and a pinch or so of chipotle pepper mix for a bit of a kick.

P asked when this is cooked again to add some seitan to the mix.

I picked up two cook books from the library; One-dish Vegan by Robin Robertson and Let Them Eat Vegan by Dreena Burton.  Im on a trek to find other easy/quick vegan dishes that don’t have potato as an ingredient.  The poor potato has over-stayed its welcome.

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