Wednesday, December 18, 2013


More on the title in a bit.

I had great fun today.  I showed off one of my scarf finishes at work the other day and hooked two people in to learning how I did it!

So I sent them off with a shopping list (complete with pictures and links) and today in the lunchroom we had a small class.  Lots of fun.  And even better, other co-workers were stopping by to take a look at what we were up to and one even showed off her treasures, knitted hat and gloves made with yarn she spun and pictures of towels she wove in her loom.  Others asked if this was going to be a regular occurrence and I said if the want is there, I will make it a regular meeting.

So starting next year I will try and have at least a weekly gathering of those who want to join in for any fiber crafting during lunch time.  Im excited!

Now on to the dancing!


I have another finish for 2013!

Faith by LHN


Number 5 of the Sheep Virtues

Im proud I was able to finish almost half of what has been released of these so far this year.  I have 8-10 and need to get 6, 7 & 11 and waiting for 12.

Now Im off to bed.  Had a late night then a very early morning and a long day.  My eye balls are flickering and doing their best to get closed.

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