Sunday, November 10, 2013

Four Days

Today is day 3 of a 4 day weekend.  Friday was absolutely wonderful.  Boys also have a 4 day weekend so sleeping in has been approved for all three of us.  Sadly D is not able to join us in the relaxing this time around.

The lazy bug has gotten a good hold on me today, at least for wanting to get ready for any leaving of the house but some shopping has to get accomplished today as some stores are closed for the Holiday tomorrow.


Chili is on the plan again this weekend.  But as Im being lazy Im not sure if it will be today or tomorrow.  This batch will be lots less spicy so hopefully I wont be the only one eating it.

And of course with Chili there will be Cornbread.  I need to make a double batch as the single 9x13 pan made last weekend just wasn’t enough. But for tonight, Ive got P making a batch – he is getting into baking breads more these days and makes a killer banana bread.

Ive been surfing today for more Holiday meals that could be made for regular dishes (something non-casserole!).  Check out my Pinetrest Vegan boards for more finds.



I worked on P’s C2C blanket monstrosity and finished two color blocks before my hands had called in reinforcements to stop me on Friday and finished another block this morning.


The length is finally 90 inches and I started bringing it in to the final corner. Wonderfully long enough to cover P from head to over his toes

Celtic Banner

I also brought out Celtic Banner (I know – I was shocked too).  P is involved with a local SCA and as he is not of age, I am the taxi and guardian.  Ive been using the two+ hrs we are there to relax, listen, talk and of course stitch – as stitching is one of the many arts that has definitely lasted through the ages.  Working on Celtic Banner seems just that more appropriate given what the gathering is about.

Before – last pic is from 2010




Away We Ride


The project I worked on while Mom was recovering from knee surgery.  I havent worked on it much but did add a few thread lengths to it last night as a break.  Im loving how the colors are looking on this fabric.  Perfect for the fall/Halloween season.

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