Sunday, July 7, 2013


We went on a wonderful long weekend trip to Long Beach for the 4th.  Washington gets all the cool fireworks (Oregon has rules on the flashy stuff – canons, candles, things that flash and jump are a big No-No) and they did not disappoint.  We did provide a bit of our own flash (with the good stuff of course) but with what everyone else was tossing in the air, ours really wasn’t needed but it was still fun lighting them off.

We stayed at Andersen’s RV Park on the Ocean.  A short walk to the beach from the park.  Their weekly news letter noted that the wind would be light in the morning and gradually pickup and be very windy at night.  And it was exactly that the whole time we were there.  So if I wanted to get P out on the beach, it had to be early or it wasn’t going to happen (the 4th being the only night he was on the beach and we had a good fire going to help keep him warm).

P also had a milestone over the weekend.  He is now 16!  ACK!!  We celebrated with presents, and chocolate grahams as the ants found the marshmallows (god I hate ants!).  


RYO update!  I got a pic of the finished outline before starting in on the insides.  I found I have an issue with one of the color ways and will have to go floss-tossing to fix it.  The dark of the three in the heart group is way too close to the outline color.



I was able to plant my squash last weekend and got the drip hose working, wrapped around those, the tomato starts (that still need to be replanted), peas, chard, kale, lavender and basil.  The strawberries were drenched before we left and again when we got back.

Now before we left I had a bunch of flowers on the peas but no pods.  Wasn’t quite sure what would happen if anything as it was getting hot, its not really pea weather (they are a cool veggie) but where I have them they get some sun but not the mother load the squash need or get.

Bonus! image  image

And other pics of the garden so far this year

Japanese cucumber – just getting started.  There are three of these little guys growing


Green bell pepper – looking somewhat normal this year


4x4 plot (tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, celery)


Poor squash (but I have lots of flowers!)




mmm Basil – oh I have some pesto in the works for these leaves!


Strawberries – Big and wonderful.  Biggest bounty I had was 6.  They don’t last long enough for any dish.  Wash and pass them out for eating.


I need to get a Farmers Almanac and get a good run on the fall planting.  More peas, broccoli, chard, and kale.  The strawberries are sending out runners like crazy and Im trying to plant them as I can so I have more plants.  I think Im going to wrap their grow box up for the winter and see how they survive and transplant them next year into something more permanent and easier to care for the runners.

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