Monday, June 24, 2013

Time Out

Had a bit of time out the last week as the family went to the beach for a vacation. 

Wonderful views from our “front door” at Beverly Beach


The weather cooperated this year and was sunny most days although a bit cool and windy.  We were able to spend a couple afternoons playing in the surf (only up to my knees – Oregon coast isnt known for being a warm part of the ocean).

We also found out just how close Beverly beach is to the Devil’s Punchbowl.  A nice hr walk and a hike up 9 steep flight of stairs and there you are!  Of course when I did the walk the tide was out and the Punchbowl was empty – very anti-climatic.  Made for a great walk though.


Made a wonderful salad tonight after seeing something similar at New Seasons this week.


Wheat Berries
Brown Rice
Carrot slivers
Almond slivers
Sesame Ginger dressing

I didn’t keep track of the amounts – I cooked a full cup of wheat berries* and the rest I had on hand and just added until I thought it looked to be enough.

They had wheat berries, nut slivers, spinach, cheese crumbles and some sort of dressing (I cant remember). Looked wonderful.

I have enough for a couple lunches – provided the minions and the man don’t consume it all tomorrow.

*Wheat berries are NOT a quick food.  8hr – overnight soak and an hr cooking time.  So more like beans than rice.


Sneaky Tomatoes!  Apparently there were tomato seeds hiding in my strawberry patch. 


I assumed they were friendly, non-weedy plants so I didn’t pull them.  A good rain brought them to light so to speak.  As we had two types growing in this bin last year, Im not quite sure which one these will be but Im pretty sure the are the tiny cherry tomatoes.

I transplanted 3 of the beasties into our 4 x 4 and will transplant some of the remaining this weekend and find homes for the rest.

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