Thursday, February 21, 2013


It is not a happy day.  On the way home I got two notices.  One from minion 1 that Loki was not acting normal for Loki.  Then a bit later (and still on my way home) minion 2 called letting me know that Loki was acting not his Loki self.

So I get home and yup.  Something is really not right with Loki.

Now a quick vet visit and a large chunk of change out of my pocket, Loki is at the vet while they work on getting his plumbing working again.  Poor guy is blocked – not sure if there are crystals or not.  Im hoping for the not part and that this episode is the only one he has.

Now I am out of sorts, I hate going through this with pets.  It sucks and with this type of issue its most likely not the last time it will happen.

The next 4 days will be very lonely and weird as I wont have my little buddy hogging the bed and covers and letting me know its past bed time.