Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Up for a new Challenge?

Of course with a new year comes new challenges or in this case a renewal for the new year.

Goodreads’s yearly reading challenge has been accepted! 

Last year I started the challenge with 80 books to read.  Then with all the gardening books I was inhaling I knew I would reach that before the beginning of fall and have all of fall and part of winter to slow down for?  Not happening!  So I increased it to 100.


(some of the books I read last year)

I happily ended up with 105 books read.  Some favorites re-read and new favorites added and all that knowledge stuffed into my grey-matter to bursting!

My 2013 challenge is back up to 100.  A good tough challenge as Im not sure I will have the bonus of learning a completely new craft – I will be working that craft Smile

To keep up with the Challenge, Ive updated the widgets on my blog.  Hopefully they will share what Ive been up to – that is if Im good at keeping up on Goodreads what Ive been reading.

So how about you?  Up for another New Year Challenge?