Thursday, January 3, 2013

More finishes

I did get a couple more finishes from Dec.

One is a new scoodie – I used Red Heart Watercolors and Caron White.  Its amazing how soft this is after just one wash! 


This was a very simple granny stitch. Did each half then stitched them together and a smidge down one side to make the hood.

I could and should have warn this one today.  It is so windy and cold!  This surely would have kept the static away from my hair, right?  Well, at least kept the hair away from my face while keeping my ears warm.

The other is a shawl that I will post a pic of as soon as it gets a good picture taken.  Its acting like one of those school pictures that no matter how many retakes you do – all of them suck.  And more of a fuzzy, out of focus kind of photos and not one that I can manipulate easily.  Oh well.

Mouth Jewelry

P, minion the elder, gets braces this year.  Not fun for any of us if you ask me.  He received spacers Monday (along with all the other record keeping icky-ness like the paste mouth molding).  They are making things a bit difficult – like eating, and being generally painful.  And of course while he was told he could take meds for the pain he is acting like a grown man and taking the “high” road and passing on relief.

I can just imagine how life will be in this house come Friday when the braces are put on.

Or even later when the 8 teeth that get 86’d are removed.  Oh joy…

Yes – 8 teeth.  I birthed a mutant (much kidding here) and he has 5 wisdom teeth (much joking has been made the amount of WISE he has – most coming straight from him).  2 are baby teeth that have no reasons to leave the nest and 1 is an adult tooth that got the short straw.  His mouth is just too small and narrow for the number of teeth that are crowding in.  All those added with his incisors hiding and not doing what they are supposed to leads to a very painful winter, or at least a week.

At least the oral surgeon told him that they provide pain meds (the good stuff) for a reason and that he should partake in the relief they provide as he will be needing it.  Not to mention the rest of us who live with him would appreciate it as well.  Good man that Doc!

Im sure the Braces saga will be adding much sharing (and possibly over sharing) over the next few years.  I will do my best to keep the gore out of the details.

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