Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plans, plans, plans

Weather has been so crazy lately.  Cold, freezing and warm.  After it being in the 20’s for a good week its trying to get to high 40’s by the weekend.

Ive been antsy to get going on my garden but good for you food and all that just aint gonna mix with below freezing temps no matter what happens.  I like warm too much.

So Im hoping that there will be time enough this weekend for me to plug into a good book, OverDrive is wonderful for that, and give some invasive blackberries the boot.  It’s a small enough goal for starters.

Ive been saving those plastic containers from salad so I can get some plants started inside.  Ive been on the fence for starting an early spring garden so I can have peas and salad stuffs or hold off until March/April for starting early summer foods.  It’s the pull of wanting to get started now (now, now, now) and holding back until the garden has an actual place to be planted and a bigger chance of being successful.  Time enough for late summer plating for the cooler foods and prep for next spring.

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