Monday, January 14, 2013

Is that dandruff?

Remember the mocking of snow we got from the weather-peeps last week?  Well we didn’t get it.  In fact they said that while it was cold as hell (ok not exact phrasing there) we would get no moisture to go with it.  Meaning no snow, just dried out everything and have fun with those chapped lips, hands, faces and bloody noses (for those who are extra special)

Well weather-peeps, being who they are, were a bit off.

Minding my own business and on the phone at work I had a fellow cube gopher pop-up and frantically point to the window and wouldn’t you know it but we had snow like stuff falling from the sky!

It was like stuff cause it was small and every now and then something like a dandruff flake would float on by.

Its made the ground nice and wet but nothing sticking and with it still being frozen temps with freezing fog and all?  Ya, Im expecting an ice rink outside in the morning.

I would have a picture but as I said the snow like stuff was very small and who wants a picture of the neighboring office building?

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