Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just cant help myself

TeeFury is a dangerous place for me. 

Case in point – this Tee

One Ring

A LOTR one ring and very descriptive.  Perfect for the LOTR fan in the house.  And nice to find things like this and have plenty of time for his bday (July)

Green Crafts

Blog surfing and I spied a wonderful thing.  Reusing baby food jars for spices

Cleaned jars (I would hope so hehe) and lids painted with chalk board paint so you can mark and erase as need be.

I love this idea for its multiple usability.  As Im getting my garden going, herbs will be a big part of that.  I love making pesto using basil from my own garden (yumm!!)  Baby jars at least look like they give a bigger space than the jars purchased in the store.

And you can use them for saved seeds, or left over seeds, or travel ort jar.  Im sure you can come up with other ideas.

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