Friday, January 11, 2013


Getting tired of the ‘advertising’ my FB friends are posting.  I have two people in the same business who are constantly posting about how they can help you.

The business?  Loosing weight.  I don’t have a problem with this at all.  Kudos to them and the people who are successful in losing it.  But its getting more tiring than Political notices.

And if they werent relatives (and close ones at that) I would have dropped them long ago.  I just cant see FB being a place to hawk your wares for you would be constantly pimping to your own ‘friends’.  Where would you get the new business?  Yes if you had a PAGE for your business but not your personal space.

(No I really don’t want this answered or explained.  It’s a rant)

Farm House

Frogs have been found in the garden!!  I found a very evil frog infestation in the side garden that needs to be corrected right quick.  At first I was totally beside myself and wasn’t sure if any part of the garden or the house could be saved but on close inspection Ive been assured that the exterminator can take are of the beasties and not harm the house.


red circle is where the heart of the infestation is.  Everything above is lost.

Sadly most of the side garden is a complete loss. I have been told it will be taken care of organically so new flowers can be ‘planted’ without fear of further harm.

Thankfully it was found as soon as it was – before a bunch of fiddly bits had been added above and to the right of the house.  Imagine the horror!  Really I was trying to use up one color and spacing at the top just wasn’t looking right.

So Im off to cut and rrip. 


  1. I so agree on your FB rant. It's almost to the point I don't even read mine anymore. Sorry to hear about the infestation - glad it can be taken care of relatively painlessly.

  2. I had to laugh, in November a rep from a slimming club accidentally put my number into her mobile phone texting list. Every day I got lovely encouraging texts about sticking to the plan. Eventually I text her back and explained I subscribe to the "stressful life diet" and only weigh 45kg. Haven't heard from her since!
    I'd remove the "friends" from your newsfeed so you can still see their pages but only on your terms. Or start posting gooey chocolate cake pictures!
    Glad the frogs got sorted too.

  3. I have to agree with you on FB, selling things and then my distant relatives began to bicker via FB--I unfriended all but my immediate family. Life is way to short and important to spend your time like that....I hope you pay that exterminator well---maybe a little stashing...LOL