Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Finish

I gave myself a mini Christmas present and got a project completed on the 25th!  (11:30pm something so just barely got it done)

Stained Glass Pine


This was one of the crazy 2011 January challenges I got into.  Then it made it into this years WIPocalypse challenge (which only works if you work on your projects!).   Yea for getting finished!

Renaissance Angel

Another mini happy dance – The angel is complete!  Now for the fiddly bits on the sides.

I got quite a bit finished on the angel this week.  Wings, outline, beading (on her) and any other final x's.  So the small happy dance for getting her done :-)

Now its the fiddly bits on the sides and deciding what I want to do for the halo rays (stick with suggested thread or use rainbow cord).  The fiddly bits are driving me batty so its back in the grounded pile until I have more patience to deal with them.


R-Angel 1-25-12



Off to see if I can get another small-ish project finished for 2012…

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  1. Your tree is adorable. I do the same thing. When something frustrates me I put it away and move on. Good luck with another 2012 finish!