Monday, July 2, 2012

Think think think

Still lots of energy being spent on thinking.  What to plan for fall planting, getting compost bins setup, prep dirt for use next year, plans for prepping yards for next year, what to plant next year and what else are we forgetting.

Its the what else we are forgetting that can keep my brain from shutting down at night and keep me "farming" all night long.  I get this way at the beginning of every new huge project I start and it will abate but my brain just needs the adjustment period to get a handle on things and calm the hell down.  But until then I will be thinking about gardening/farming all night long.

Today is bringing more info and stuff I want to do.  A blog post from Kathy shares updates on her summer kitchen.  Not that Im anywhere close to having a place I can envision a utility sink setup where the outside water is hooked up for washing veggies.  Oh add on idea! Then I could save the wash water for the plants still growing.

The thoughts Ive had lately are like the above.  I read something and that gets me going down a path of what I could do and before you know it Im off finding where to get the items needed, costs and where would I place everything.  THEN an hr or 3 go by and I remember I was reading a book or blogs and go back to that until the next thought bug catches me.  Rinse and repeat.

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