Friday, January 13, 2012


An update to share what Ive been working on lately, my own blanket using the yarn I got for my birthday

Green Ripple 1-9-12

The picture shows a full set of rows, from here on out it will be duplicated.  Until it gets long enough for me or I have to get more yarn. 

The top of the light green to the bottom of the first row of dark green is about 6 inches.  A ball of each color might get me through three sets. 

That would make what I have in yarn get me a lapghan that’s about 48” by 36”.  Im going to need at least one more ball of each color. 

Then its off for more thrifty-er crochet projects!

like a spidey blanket for a nephew

or a whimsical lapghan for a gift

Not to mention finishing up P’s patchwork, which I still work on when I am darn tired of ripple.  AND DL’s creeper blanket, which the squares are nice and quick to make a few while waiting for dinner to cook.

Thank you for the comments yesterday on the unwanted guests.  It never occurred to me to have Styx checked again (a vet looked at her while we were waiting to sign papers) when we got her home.  Lilith and Loki were so well cared for I AssUme-d Styx would be the same.

That’s what I get eh?  More knowledge for next time (and sharing for others!)

She is doing much better today – a bit calmer than what she has been.  Although Im not sure if its due to the meds or that the meds are working and she is really feeling better.

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