Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Piles of Hex

I finally found a pattern easy enough and that should make a blanket thick enough for me to make for our bed.

Painted Turtle Afghan


And while I love the greens used in the model, mine wont be using that colorway.  I will still be using the colors picked a while ago.

The pattern calls for 18 hexagons, I will be making at least 98 of these (if my quick math just now is correct).  They are easy to stitch up – can finish a single color one in an evening.

Turtle Afghan 1-17-12

I am surprised how thick this patch is.  Hoping it will be enough to use instead of the comforter we are currently using.  Its at the end of its days and needs replacing (hence the afghan Smile )

Oh!  I also get to mark down a couple new firsts tonight.  First time doing a hex motif and first time stitching a back post double crochet.  It’s the back post stitch that makes this motif so nice and thick.