Friday, December 16, 2011


Yup – I joined IHSW again this month – trying to get something completed during the holidays Smile with tongue out

Pictures of any and everything I stitched or hooked will be shared when I finish – I know you’re all shocked, pictures!

I havent stitched anything yet today, that’s next on the list.  I was able to get some Christmas shopping completed today.  One kid completely done, only 7 more to go…  With IHSW I hope to get 2 more completed this weekend.

Joann has a 50% off coupon for this Sat & Sun only – glad I wasn’t able to make it over there today (almost got to the door, parking lot was PACKED and I was not in a waiting mood).  I need more yarn to complete presents and to get doodads for an ugly sweater party to make an ugly sweater even uglier.