Monday, November 14, 2011

Rude People

I truly live with rude people.  They keep sharing viruses with me and I am not appreciating their kindness one bit.

This round started with P, who ended up with a sinus infection and bronchitis (both of which he can really keep to himself!).  Next up was D who turned what ever P shared into one doozy of a cold.  Now its on my chest – literally. 

Just rude!

On to more fun things – like a Who-hat!


Is that not the cutest?

I had a Who-hat I sewed out of fake fur, flannel and ribbon (to hold the pom to the hat) but its gone on a walk-about and I havent seen it since we remodeled the house.  Im now thinking it was one of those “just toss it and make a new one” items.

I showed the pic above to P and his first comment was “I wont wear it”.  I hadnt even said I was making him one!  Cheeky brat.

So I may be off in search of yarn for my new Who-hat (with hopes to have it completed in time for Christmas this year)

Other items I have been working on are the Thread Basket SAL, my oldest UFO (Stoney Creek’s Humble Stable), Renaissance Angel and my scoodie.  I will try and get updated pics posted later this week

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