Monday, October 10, 2011


Update on what I was able to get myself to do.

  • Actually make it to the gym today – Done
  • Make banana bread (really need to free up space in the freezer - 6+ bananas in there!)  - Done.  Made three loaves
  • Make mini breakfast quiches (another of those ran out of time on sunday items) – Didn’t get done.
  • prep dinners for the week (lots of pounding of chicken breasts) – only got tonight’s dinner pounded out (mmm was it good!)
  • finish shopping not completed on Sunday (can you believe I forgot my list!) – Done! 
  • Shoes! Still looking for the elusive pair(s) of shoes I would like to have for work.  Main thing they need to do?  Not kill my feet before I get home! – Done and Done (got two pairs)

I also added more x’s to Fall Mandala and watched many episodes of Bones (which was my downfall of not getting the quiches done, Im half way through season 3) and even was able to make a trip to the library.

Im calling it a good productive day.

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