Thursday, October 13, 2011


First off, thank you for all the wonderful comments on my mini HD.  It is a great feeling even if its just part of a project.

So as a reward to myself for finishing the outline to Fall Mandala I dug around and found my original start to Humble Stable.


Its on Black Aida, Its Stoney Creek (color change crazy), and its way, way old.  Oh and all the DMC is from the 80’s and some of the colors have changed – a lot.

So finishing this will be a challenge.  Im hoping I don’t run out of any colors where they dyes have drastically changed.

Again, not something I would do for myself – its for my dad and will be a gift whenever its finally finished (remember?  black & aida).  Wish me luck!

Dinner tonight was Bacon Wrapped Pesto Chicken and can I say YUM!  Of course who can lose when bacon is on the menu?  I used my pesto recipe and cheated a bit, just slathered the top of the chicken then wrapped bacon (2 pieces per breast).  The pesto did a fab job keeping the bacon in place. 

Lucky us we had 9 bacon strips left that I just had to cook up so we all had extra bacon. (mmm, bacon)


  1. Bacon... yummmm! Good luck with your old project. It'll look nice when finished.

  2. Gosh stitching on black, it will be beautiful when finished
    And bacon.. I can smell it from here.

    Happy stitching

    Chris x