Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Ready

for Halloween!

Halloween fingers

D and I took the boys out to Seaside, OR beach this past weekend.  New place we wont be visiting again (hotel).  Beds were way too small.  The “queen” in the master was so not a queen – possibly a double or a large full.  No way were both us adults sleeping on that bed.  I ended up sleeping on the sofa.  The boys had bunk beds that were also shorter than normal, P’s feet hung off the end.

Other than the sleeping arrangements, the visit was good.  Normal wet and windy weather for Pac NW fall at the beach.  Our walk on the beach was spent helping a young lab fetch his ball.  He didn’t care who you were, only that you would toss the ball for him!  Not quick enough for him and he would pick up and drop the ball at your feet again and again.  Too funny! 

Visited the aquarium and fed the seals (A must to do when in Seaside!) and we were even able to see the feeding time (larger fish).  They are less vocal as I remember but there were lots of flipper and belly slaps.

We also visited Cannon Beach Sun (much better day – sun was out and the wind was very light).  There is a wonderful yarn shop there Costal Yarns.  Crochet friendly, wonderful yarns, and fantastic staff.

As the weekend was fairly low key (mainly to get out of town and out of reach) I was able to get a bunch of patches completed for P’s patchwork throw.

Patchwork Throw 10-24-11

All three colors are now represented.  One more 5x5 of Camo and I can put a few squares together!

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  1. Had a lovely long weekend in Cannon Beach a couple of years ago. A lot of us so we rented a house. The weather was just the same, sunny in CB and drizzly in Seaside. Just gorgeous scenery. Glad you had fun despite the beds!