Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Factoids

Fun factoid - my feet will stay warm as long as I wear socks AND slippers/shoes/sandals. Socks and slipper socks is just a double layer of sock and not worth a damn when I'm trying to keep my tootsies toasty!

My current method of madness is socks of any kind and my Nike slides (mens of course or the socks may not have fit!)

image   See easy slip-ons with socks :)  And comfy to boot! (oh and they are great for camping showers – totally foam rubber)

Reason for such a need in summer you ask?  D has an internal furnace that is stuck at 90+ and he loves cool temps. Me & P walk around in a multitude of layers and will bask in the heat outside (9 layers of clothing & all) if it gets too cold inside. DL mostly takes after his dad but will complain about being cold while walking around with nothing but a t-shirt and skivvies.  Goofball


I started another crochet project tonight.  Well technically Ive been playing around, seeing how the stitches are supposed to go, figure out the counting and where to stick the dang hook!

Homespun – Its a challenge!

And with my first several starts a complete joke, I decided to get assistance.


These little suckers are the bomb!  Nice and large, easy to use, lock shut (reusable!) and they come in their own case.  I got mine at Joann’s.

Now for the project I started…

Arrow Lake Shawl by Lion Yarn


Mine will be 24x?? (gonna use up as much of 4 skeins as I can)

The pattern calls for starting a v stitch starting from the 6th stitch from the hook.  Now me and homespun have gotten off to a rotten start (hence the damn counters) but after figuring out which stitch a V needs to be in on the foundation row I made sure during the creation of the starting chain to place a silly counter. (pics later)


Now I have 8 rows completed.  Off to a great start :o)

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  1. One of these days I'll learn to crochet, until's all Greek to me! LOL

    The shawl will be beautiful. I cant wait to see it.